Cooperation – Activity 4

In the other’s Shoes

Activity type:
Cognitive method – perspective taking

Learning goals:
This activity aims at assisting practitioners to learn how to consider another perspective and understand and empathize with someone who disagrees with them

Group activity

45 min

Materials needed:
In the other’s Shoes handout


Each participant has to fill in the handout on an individual basis and then get in a group to reflect on the process according to the reflection questions.

Questions for reflection:
  • How did it feel to be in another person’s shoes?
  • In what ways did your understanding of the other person’s perspective change?
  • What are some ways we can make sure we are interpreting someone else’s emotions accurately in a non-confrontational manner?
  • In what ways might this influence the likelihood of transforming conflict into something productive?
  • How does this activity benefit the team?
  • What will you do differently the next time you’re involved in a conflict?