2. Emotion Management

Short Description

The goal is to increase participants’ understanding and awareness of their emotions and other people’s emotions, and to help them manage their own emotions better. On the one hand, participants will be trained in understanding emotions, their value and nature and on the other hand, they will improve their emotional self-awareness. Finally, the training aims at promoting emotional self-control, how to regulate and influence one’s own emotions to motivate oneself, achieve goals, and deal with stress, control or redirect one’s emotions and impulses, and how to persevere in the face of obstacles and setbacks

Learning Objectives

The training aims at assisting career practitioners in:

  • realising the importance of emotion management and the concepts that revolve around it in effective career guidance and counselling services;
  • learning the theoretical approaches that can contribute to the counsellor’s emotion management;
  • being able to facilitate mutual contact and discussion taking into consideration emotions and feelings of others;
  • being able to focus on understanding how a person feels and why he/she feels that way, being also able to cope with negative emotions in a constructive way;
  • being able to exercise emotional self-control and self-awareness.