1. Empathy

Short Description

The purpose of this section is to familiarize you with the basic theoretical knowledge and methodology on how to improve your empathy skills (affective empathy and perspective-taking skills). At the same time, it highlights the need to apply empathy skills in your everyday counselling practice in order to provide quality career guidance services to your clients.

Learning Objectives

The training aims at assisting counsellors in:

  • being able to facilitate mutual contact and discussion taking into consideration emotions and feelings of the other;
  • being able to show understanding of the opinion and feelings of other people and accept others’ as they are;
  • knowing how to understand relevant unspoken information, feelings and needs of other people;
  • being able to create a good conversational climate through attention, openness and respect;
  • being able to focus on understanding how a person feels and why they feel that way;
  • applying empathy skills in every day counselling practice to support the beneficiaries of their services.