Empathy – Activity 4

Body scan meditation

Activity type:

Learning goals:
The purpose of this activity is to pay attention to the inner experiences. This is because according to Rogers (1982) the first step to be able to accept others and care for them, is to be aware of their own inner experiences. This can be practiced by performing some mindfulness exercises. Trainees will practice in regulating the own awareness to the inner mental and physical events in the present moment and to get connected with them.

The activity can be implemented either individually or in group. In both cases after the mindfulness technique, trainees will discuss in group their experience.

40 minutes

Needed material:
Body scan meditation audio file [mp3)

Body scan relaxation


Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes gently following the instructions (in the audio file) to practice body-scan.

Questions for reflection:
  • How was your experience with body scan meditation?
  • Did you have any difficulty in practicing?
  • Do you feel different after practicing it?
  • Are there any feelings you want to share with us?