Cooperation – Activity 1

Help me out

Activity type:

Learning goals:
The goal of this activity is to make participants recall 3 conflicts they have experienced in the past 3 days, reflect on the words that triggered them, and receive some solutions from others.
The aim is to draw attention to the number of conflicts and similar stressful situations experienced by delegates in one week and use partners to come up with reasonable solutions for each conflict.

Group activity

1 hour

Material Needed:
A copy of “Conflict sheet”


You should fill in the “Conflict sheet – Part A” recording 3 conflicts that you were involved in, in the last week. You have to record the ‘toxic words’ that triggered the conflicts and made you feel that you had to protest and defend yourself.

After having filled the “Conflict sheet part A” you should try to answer to the following questions filling in part B:

  • How did recalling a conflict make you feel?
  • Could you have handled that particular situation differently?
Questions for reflection:

Each participant presents one subject of conflict and the facilitator asks from other members to provide some suggestions on how s/he should have responded differently.

  • Were partners’ suggestions helpful?
  • Could you use the new suggestions to resolve your conflict or prevent them from happening in the first place?