Active listening – Activity 9

Body language

Activity type:

Learning goals:
The aim of this exercise is to point out the significance of non-verbal actions in the counselling process. The participants are going to focus on body language and how those non-verbal may interfere in the counselling process.

Group activity (at least 2 persons are required for the role playing and a 3rd one as an observer)

40 minutes


Get into groups of three (client, practitioner and observer). As a client, bring to mind an experience you want to share. As a practitioner, make your best effort to encourage the client with voices, body language, facial expressions and gestures but without pronouncing actual words. As an observer, write down any useful observation that can help the counselling process. Each role play will last for 5 minutes. Then change roles.

Notes for reflection:
  • What did you notice after this activity?
  • How helpful were the non-verbal actions in the counselling process?
  • Which of them were the most effective?