Diversity – Activity 6

Walk in their shoes…

Activity type:
Experiential – Cognitive method (Perspective taking)

Learning Goal:
Through this activity the trainees are going to learn to see situations from other perspectives, in order to understand how diverse people may feel, show concern about their misfortunes, identify with their experiences and as a consequence increase their diversity skill.

The activity can be done individually, but it works better in groups. The trainees write down the challenges those groups face alone or in small groups and then come back in one group to reflect upon their experience over the activity.

1 hour

Material needed:
The list with the target groups


Look at each of the target groups below and write a paragraph or several sentences from the perspective of the target group presented, detailing the challenges that this group faces when looking for a job, considering social, economic, and cultural factors that might affect the target group’s behaviors and opportunities.

  • Disabled
  • Roma
  • Elderly
  • Women
  • Muslims
  • Asylum seekers:
Questions for reflection:
  • Share with the other members of the group the challenges that each of these groups face.
  • Was it easy for you to imagine the difficulties, obstacles that those groups may face? Have you imagined all possible challenges?
  • What was your overall experience over this activity? What did you learn?