Recognize Responds

Empathy – Activity 1

There is a list of different types of responses that are common during interactions. Read each dialogue between A and B and decide what type of response B uses. Connect each type of response to each of the following “short dialogues” between user A and B.

  1. A: I’ve been trying to get this weight off and just feel frustrated. 
    B: What actions have you taken so far for that?
  2. A: I’m worried about having enough money to pay my debts this month.
    B: I can lend you some money.
  3. A: I lost my job.
    B: Cheer up, let’s go have a drink and forget about it.
  4. A: Look at my scar from my accident.
    B: That’s tiny, look at what I got when I was hit by a bike.
  5. A: I was standing in the cue to get into the bank for 1 hour and it was too hot and people around be starting shouting and pushing each other.
    B: That reminds me of the time…
  6. A: I have so much to do today.
    B: Are you feeling overwhelmed and wanting help?
  7. A: It’s scary for me to get up and speak in front of people.
    B: I think you should join a theater team.
  8. A: I’m really sad over your saying that I’m not a good mother.
    B: That’s not what I said.
  9. A: My husband found a new job and had to move in a town 300Km away from our home.
    B: See it as a chance to learn how is to leave alone.
  10. A: I feel so sad that my son was expelled from school due to his bad behaviour towards his professor.
    B: It’s not your fault, you are a good parent. You did the best you could.
  11. A: I’m really upset. You promised to be here at 23.00 and it is now after midnight.
    B: It’s only because the traffic was terrible.
  12. A: I just got the results from the medical exams and it was what I most feared.
    B: Oh, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.